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The Sunplus Retractable Shelter PLUS Rain Gutters

The Sunesta Sunplus Shelter

Custom Made to Fit Your Needs

These versatile retractable shelter awning systems offer everything from basic sun protection up to complete rain and inclement weather protection. These shelter awning systems can be standalone or mounted atop an existing structure such as a pergola, skylight or sunroom.

With single shelter awning widths up to 16 and projections up to 23 feet and the ability to join multiple shelter awning units, the coverage is only limited to your space. These systems offer a choice of hundreds of fabric options ranging from acrylic to decorative solar screen and waterproof fabrics. Like all Sunesta retractable systems, the Sunplus retractable shelter awning is custom made to fit your needs

Sunesta Awnings & Outdoor Comfort

The Sunplus Retractable Shelter Information

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All exterior awning and shade products are FAIR WEATHER & WARM WEATHER PRODUCTS. Do NOT operate when the fabric is contracted, stiff or frozen due to cold temperatures, snow, hail or ice.