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All exterior awning and shade products are FAIR WEATHER & WARM WEATHER PRODUCTS. Do NOT operate when the fabric is contracted, stiff or frozen due to cold temperatures.
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Sunesta: The Suncover

The Suncover

The Suncover provides sun protection to an existing structure, such as sunrooms, pergolas, skylights, etc. Its unique design makes it easy to add to the existing rails of a structure without having to mount any part of the Suncover to a wall surface, which is why some customers believe it’s the best retractable awning system in our inventory.

Sunesta: The Sunplus

The Sunplus

The Sunplus is similar to the Suncover, but it includes larger aluminum side rails with rain gutters. These additional rain gutters make The Sunplus the best retractable awning solution for some homeowners. This feature allows The Sunplus to be installed to a wall or soffit and supported with uprights and the end of the rails. When extended, The Sunplus fabric overlaps the rail gutters to provide additional fabric protection and rain run-off to the front.

Sunesta: The Shadespot

The Shadespot

Enjoy the outdoors and let The Shadespot protect you from the elements. It’s perfect for patios, decks, outdoor cafes, restaurants, and break areas. Since it is freestanding, The Shadespot offers up to 600 square feet of shade anywhere. The Shadespot’s versatility makes it the best retractable awning system for customers who may not be able to easily mount a traditional wall mounted awning.

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