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All exterior awning and shade products are FAIR WEATHER & WARM WEATHER PRODUCTS. Do NOT operate when the fabric is contracted, stiff or frozen due to cold temperatures.
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Colorado Shades offers the SmartDrop Valance as an option for The Sunesta and The Sunstyle models. By definition, it is a retractable curtain that drops down from the awning’s front bar to block low-lying sun and provide privacy for a homeowner’s patio or deck living area. The SmartDrop fabrics are similar to screen fabrics, in that they are woven to allow for see-through visibility and air flow. They are also vinyl-coated and offered in 13 colors and two styles. Style D has a 14% openness factor, while Style F features a 4% openness. Sunesta’s SmartDrop valance will drop down up to 5 ½ feet, and is the largest drop valance in the retractable shade industry. It can be operated manually with a crank, or remotely with a motor.

Fabric options for Smartdrop Valance
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